The WRAP Program

WRAP is the Weatherization Referral and Packaging Program designed to help senior citizens and low income families with energy related problems or needs. If you are experiencing a cold, drafty house during the winter, or if you're heating bills are skyrocketing out of sight. You can contact the Dutchess County Office of the Aging or Dutchess County Department of Social Services, and a representative may be able to help you apply for benefits.

Who is Eligible for the WRAP Program?

If you own your own home and are qualified for the Home Energy Assistance Program, you may be eligible. Even if you live in an apartment building, you may still be eligible for help through the WRAP Program.

When you call the Office for the Aging to see if you are eligible, a trained specialist will access your needs and help you apply for benefits and services from weatherization, energy, and other human service programs.

What can the WRAP Program do for me?

The WRAP Program is designed to help low-income families reduce the amount of energy used and to protect the health and safety of a family by:

- Providing you with a thorough inspection of your home by a trained energy auditor
- Repairing problems or defects that are “energy” users
- Referring you to agencies that can correct health and safety issues in your home

Packaging refers to the services, or “package” of services, arranged by Dutchess County Community Action Partnership and other agencies.

Examples of weatherization measures that the program can help with are:

-Insulation (attics, floors, walls)
-Weather Stripping