Our Staff

Our board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for our organization and those we serve. The members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization and oversee that the funds raised directly affect those in need.

If you are interested in becoming a board member and representing your community
please call 845-452-5104 x 103 and leave a message for Elizabeth C. Spira, CEO of CAPDC.

Board of Directors

  • President

    Charlene Smart

  • Vice President

    Susan Pagones

  • Treasurer

    Peter Idema III

  • Secretary

    David Scott

  • MemberEleanore Pitcher

  • MemberJosh Stratton

  • MemberKathleen Vacca

  • Audit Committee

    Peter Idema,Member

  • Finance Committee

    Peter Idema, Chair

The CAPDC, Inc. board meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at 3:30pm. Board meetings are open to the public as well as staff.

For more details please click on the calendar of events link.

If you are interested in attending a board meeting, please contact us at: 845-452-5104 ext 130, or feel free to use the Contact us link and send us an e-mail.

*Please note dates and times are subject to change

June 2019