Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

How old must I be to join RSVP?

You must be 55 and older.

What if I am under age 55?

You can go to volunteer for volunteer opportunities for people of all ages.

Do I have to be retired in order to join RSVP?

No, you can still work full time or part time and still become a member of RSVP.

Who decides where and how I volunteer?

You make the decision as to where you want to volunteer.

(please refer to our list of volunteer stations).

Do I have to volunteer a minimum of hours?

No, you can volunteer as little as one hour a month. It depends upon your flexibility and the needs of the volunteer site.

Am I covered by insurance while volunteering?

RSVP carries supplemental liability coverage on their volunteers. This coverage is secondary to your own insurance coverage and includes: accident, personal liability and excess automobile liability.

What is a Volunteer Station?

An organization that works with RSVP and accepts the responsibility for the assigment and superversion of RSVP volunteers.

Can I volunteer at more than one site?

Yes, you can volunteer at numerous sites of your choice.

Will I receive training?

Yes, each volunteer site will provide training for new volunteers.

Can I change volunteer sites if I want?

Yes. We ask that if you change sites, you contact the RSVP office of your decision.