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Our dedicated staff are here to help you succeed!



Our talented and versatile staff demonstrate a strong commitment to all of our organization’s stakeholders, and that starts with the customers who take advantage of our programs and services.

To contact any of the staff listed below, please call: 845-452-5104 and the extension listed next to their name in the list below.

Administration Department

Elizabeth C. Spira Chief Executive Officer POK 103
Corrine Campbell Human Resource Director POK 108
Jill Harlow Executive Administrative Assistant POK 130

Fiscal Department

Teresa Paino Chief Fiscal Officer POK 131
Ann Kiely Fiscal-Senior Accounts Receivables POK 134
Annette Spada Fiscal-Senior Accounts Payable-Payroll POK 135
Ann Santos Fiscal-Cash Reciepts POK 110
Alyssa Esposito Bookkeeper / Account Clerk POK 114

Family Resource Coordinators

Donna May Family Resource Program Director POK 123
Mildred Fleet Senior Family Resource Coordinator POK 183
Tamesha Garvey Family Resource Coordinator POK 102
Irma Colon Family Resource Coordinator BEA 168
Diana Barcia-Thorpe Family Resource Coordinator BEA 137
Cynthia McNeil-Metcalf Family Resource Coordinator DOV 182
Jocelene Romero Family Resource Coordinator DOV 151
Yvonne Maloney Family Resource Coordinator RED HOOK 142

Weatherization Department

Patty Lamoree WXA Outreach/Data Mgmt. Director POK 127
Randy Magee Weatherization Director POK 117
Joe Fletcher Weatherization Auditor POK 118
Patrick Black Weatherization Auditor POK 118
Anthony Irizarry Weatherization Crew POK 118
James Valdez Weatherization Crew POK 118
Janice Jallade Weatherization Clerk POK 141

Dress For Success Dutchess County

Robin Blue-Brown DCDFS Program Director POK 138
Linda Eddy EITC / DFS Referral Agency Liaison POK 122
Dress for Success Message Center POK 144

Suited to Succeed

Linda Eddy DCSTS Program Director POK 122

Earned income Tax Credit (EITC)

Linda Eddy EITC Program Director POK 122