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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We strive to make you THRIVE!!!

Programs we offer:
Which of our programs did you apply for? (Check ALL that apply)
Which of our CAPDC sites did you received help from?

Please respond Yes or No to the following statements:

1. When I entered the building, I felt welcomed.
2. The reception area was clean and comfortable.
3. I was helped in a timely manner.
4. Did CAPDC staff listen carefully and treat you with respect?
4. Did CAPDC staff listen carefully and treat you with respect?
5. If you telephoned, was your call returned within 24 hours?
6. If staff were unable to meet my needs, the reasons were clearly explained to me.
7. I was listened to and treated with respect.
8. I got the information / services I needed.
9. I was told about other CAPDC or community services.
10. I would recommend CAPDC to others.
11. Will you come back to CAPDC if you need help with something else?
12. How did you hear about CAPDC?
13. Is there anything about your experience with Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County that you would like to share?
14. How can we serve you better?


Thank you for taking the time out to fill out our survey so that we may

help you & our communities thrive.